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Episode Thirteen

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SPRING FORWARD Change your clocks tonight. Spring one hour forward. That is all.

WRITING PENS Just got these pens at work. Love them. Erasable. I am an office supply junkie and proud of it! If Pilot would like to provide me with pens and/or $, I would not decline. Here, you can get them at Amazon – now Amazon owes me $, too.

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN First, you should know that I primarily identify as a Democrat. Therefore, I’ve been watching the Democratic Primaries somewhat closely. Originally I caucused (yes, I’m from Iowa) for Mayor Pete. I was deeply saddened when he dropped out. Today I’ve learned that Sen. Warren has dropped out. It was inevitable, but it still made me sad to see the only remotely viable woman left in the race drop out. Bernie has always been my second pick. But what I see now is the “Old Guard” of the Democratic party rallying around Biden because they don’t want a “socialist” to win the presidency. I’ve always felt that calling Bernie a Socialist was a misnomer as some of his proposed policies are socialist leaning only and not socialism in the strictest sense; but let’s not get our panties in a twist about the label. Bernie is not Karl Marx. I, like a lot of other Democrats will vote for whoever is going to beat Trump. But I wish people would understand that if they vote for Bernie, we won’t become a socialist nation.


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