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From an article by Kieron Marchese on designboom.

A SAD DAY IN MUSIC Flavor Flav has been fired from Public Enemy. And honestly, aren’t we surprised that it is just happening now? Read more…”Public Enemy Fires Flavor Flav After Dispute Over Bernie Sanders Rally” By Amir Vera and Lisa Respers France, CNN

CORONAVIRUS – COVID-19 FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT The article “Coronavirus Diaries: I Had the Coronavirus. This Was the Worst Part.” by GRETA PRIVITERA on was FASCINATING. Check it out!

RHOA I binge watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta this weekend and I feel like I need a decontamination shower. It’s with a feeling of disbelieving fascination that I watch these shows, knowing the whole time I should not, under any circumstances, be wasting my time like this. Wow. Just wow. Humanity is crumbling.


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