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Episode Nine

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Chauvet Cave

So you don’t actually have to travel to France, now. (And even if you DID traveled to Chauvet, they wouldn’t let you in).

READING RIGHT NOW I’m reading Aurora Blazing – the second book in the Space Opera series ‘The Consortium Rebellion’ by Jessie Mihalik

COVID-19 Rut Roh! “Man released from coronavirus quarantine can’t stop coughing during Fox News interview” by Morgan Sung on Mashable.

“SWANKY” is an awesome word. You have a very SWANKY house. You’re outfit is so SWANKY. We’re staying in a really SWANKY hotel. Awesome word. That is all.


Singer Flamenco

Sleeping Girl

Market in Minho

Thanks so much for reading my message!

People need your kindness. Give it freely!

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