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Episode 64 – Friday, 6/5/20


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interview: painter + sculptor royal jarmon

Article on CoolHunting by Katie Olsen.

Smashed window in Memphis brilliantly labeled as artwork

“Lost a window to the riot, didn’t lose an opportunity,” writes Memphis resident Tagawat on r/Memphis. (Thanks, Jeff Cross!) On BoingBoing

Where to Find Puppies for Sale: 10 Ethical Sites for Puppy Adoption

Article by Sandy Writtenhouse on MUD.

One Day One Toast during the Lock Down by Manami Sasaki

Article by Costanza on Fubiz.

This Designer Trick Will Make Your Art Look Even Better than It Already Does

Article by Marlen Komar on Apartment Therapy.

ART APPRISH CORNER sven pfrommer – Photography

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