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Episode 24 – Friday, 3/27/20

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Universal Becomes First Studio to Offer First Run Films in the Home

Article by Germain Lussier on Gizmodo.

Is anyone every going to a movie theater again? Oh, unless they pick and choose which new releases to offer on streaming services. Doh!

10 Mind-Blowing Things You Missed This Week Thanks To COVID-19 Article by Johnathan Kantor on Listverse.

These Colorized Civil War Photos are Pretty Amazing from the Daily Mail

A GIANT LIST OF HELPFUL LINKS FOR ARTISTS IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 Thank you so much, Jeff @ BOOOOOOOM for putting this list together. There are some really great resources!

This Hairstylist Can’t Work So She’s Giving Her Boyfriend a New Daily Hairdo Instead Article on Twisted Sifter

The “George Washington”

iglou is an insulated, waterproof shelter for homeless people This is an amazing idea!

ART APPRISH CORNER Georg Schrimpf (1889-1938)

Thanks so much for reading my message!

People need your kindness. Give it freely!

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